Uzbekistan Bank Headquarters

Uzbekistan is an important country along the “Belt and Road” initiative. The capital Tashkent has been an important hub on the silk road since ancient times and is currently the largest city as well as an important economic, cultural, and transportation center in Central Asia.

Zambia International Conference Center

The project site is located in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia.

Exceeding Imagination- the 10th China Flower Expo

The 10th China Flower Expo, held on May 21th, 2021 in Chongming District, Shanghai, is the largest and most influential national flower event in China. It has presented a flower event of this class on islands, villages, and forests for the first time.

Tianjin CHOW TAI FOOK Financial Center

Tianjin CHOW TAI FOOK Financial Center is not only an important landmark in Tianjin, but also the tallest skyscraper in the north, the fourth tallest in China, and the eighth tallest in the world.

New Development Bank Headquarter Building

On December 17, 2020, the completion ceremony of the New Development Bank Headquarter Building project was grandly held.

A world-class ecological corridor- Erhai

The ecological restoration project of the Erhai lakeside buffer zone focuses on ecological protection, taking into account the functions of health care, characteristic cultural implantation, tourist destination creation, and smart management and control, so as to realize the concept of ecological “plus” and strive to build a world-class ecological corridor.

The most beautiful City Living Room - Nanjing Road east extension project

Nanjing Road was founded in 1851 and was the first commercial street established after Shanghai opened as a port.

The key & core technology of Tianjin Juilliard School

In the west of Binhai high-speed railway station and the east bank of Haihe River, Tianjin Juilliard School,a building with a modern artistic atmosphere, ushered in its debut.

Garden-style modern sports park - Suzhou Olympic Sports Center

Suzhou Olympic Sports Center is located in the ease core area of Suzhou Industrial Park.

A New Landmark of Cultural Media - West Bund Media Harbor

As an important pilot project of Xuhui Riverside, the West Bund Media Harbor” will actively attract high-quality film and television entertainment media projects from domestic and abroad, invite global film and television cultural institutions, music cultural institutions, and fashion cultural institutions to gather here, and drive the development of a number of high-end commerce and commercial enterprises.

Xiangjiang Happy City

The former site of the base is the original Xinsheng Cement Factory of Hunan Province in Pingtang Town, which was established in 1958.

The Super Project - InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland has not only created the world record for the world’s lowest artificial altitude five-star hotel, but also provided guests with unique spatial landscape experiences, such as underwater suites, underwater restaurants, sky gardens, and waterfalls in the pit. In addition, many engineering construction problems must be solved in the design and construction, which also makes it the crystallization of the latest contemporary technology and engineering technology. Today, InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland has finally opened its doors to welcome guests after 12 years.

Kuwait New HAHC Hospital

The Kuwait New HAHC Hospital are jointly invested by the Kuwait Health Organization and private companies, and are mainly aimed at providing medical services for foreign personnel working in Kuwait, paid by medical insurance.

Guinea Parliament Building

The project is located in the comprehensive administrative office area of ​​Conakry, the capital of Guinea. The construction content includes three single buildings, namely a conference center, an office building and a catering complex.

N'Djamena Stadium

The N’Djamena Stadium is located in the capital of Chad, across the river from Cameroon.

Mandalay Industrial Training Center, Myanmar

The project is located in Mandalay, the capital of Myanmar, and includes maintenance of three existing factories (1#, 2#, 3#), adjustment, transformation and addition of training equipment such as auto repair, automatic welding, electronic technology, etc., providing professional training materials and training teachers in Myanmar. After completion, it will be followed by a three-year long-term technical support. It is planned to build a factory building of approximately 2,225 square meters.

National Center for Disease Control and Medical Training, Myanmar

The project is located in Naypyidaw, the capital of Myanmar, with a total construction area of ​​approximately 18,100 square meters, including a disease control building, a training building, and an administrative office building.

Maintenance and Renovation of Myanmar National Stadium

The stadium is located in Yangon, Myanmar, with a construction area of 26,000 square meters.

Ben Arus Youth Sports Center, Tunisia

The youth sports and cultural center project is located in the Ben Arus planned park in Tunisia.

Tunisian Diplomatic Training Institute

The Diplomatic College is affiliated to the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has a construction scale of 12,000 square meters, including the construction of teaching facilities and the provision of necessary office equipment.