Arcplus Group PLC (hereinafter referred to as “Arcplus”, Shanghai Stock Exchange: 600629) is a service provider offering comprehensive solutions for urban development. With a history of over 65 years, Arcplus has grown into an integrated engineering group with more than 15 subsidiary firms and studios working on architecture design and engineering consulting. For over 10 consecutive years, Arcplus has been ranked by the US magazine ‘Engineering News Record’ (ENR) as one of “The Top 150 Global Design Firms”. In 2014, Arcplus acquired Wilson Associates, the famous American interior design company.


Arcplus has more than 7,000 talented staff in various disciplines, including 2 academicians of China Academy of Engineering, 8 China National Survey and Design Masters, 8 Shanghai Enterprise Leaders, more than 125 senior professionals, over 1,400 senior professionals and 1,700 certified engineers in architecture, planning, civil engineering, quantity surveying, project management, etc.
Our services cover the whole lifecycle of a project, including design and engineering service like urban planning and design, architectural design, water engineering, municipal engineering, landscape design, interior design, geotechnical survey, architectural acoustic design, as well as consulting services like quantity survey, project management, BIM and EPC, etc.


With 419 intellectual properties, Arcplus has established 1 national technology research center and 5 Shanghai municipal engineering technology research centers. More than 1900 design projects, scientific research programs, and standards and codes completed by Arcplus have been granted national, provincial or municipal awards for outstanding design and technological advancement and innovation.
Using smart operation tools such as BIM, VR, AR and MR, we aim at building a unified digital engineering information platform, integrating all data and information produced in each phase of the construction project, thus creating more value to the building side of the project, improving the working efficiency and quality.


Arcplus is dedicated to exploring new possibilities of urbanizations, underground space development, city updating, sponge city and intelligent city. To help build a sustainable world, we offer Green Architecture solutions, such as green city area planning, energy saving specialized analysis, energy-saving alteration on existing buildings, and green building star consultation.


Arcplus has 31 offices across the mainland of China, 2 wholly-owned subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Vietnam, and a leading interior design firm, Wilson & Associates LLC headquartered in Dallas with 7 offices across the world, including New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Paris, Dubai, Singapore and Shanghai. Projects designed by Arcplus cover 54 countries and regions globally.
We have set up partnerships with most of the top international design firms, and collaborated closely with both local and international government, development zones, financial institutions, real estate developers, cultural organizations, etc.
Under the “Belt and Road” initiative, Arcplus is carrying on a larger number of international projects in Central Asia, West Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe.