For many years, Arcplus has been granted by China Association for Quality the awards of “Customer Satisfied Enterprise” and “Customer Satisfied Service Provider”. Our services cover the whole lifecycle of a project, from urban planning, architecture design to interior design. The One-stop Solution provides all-round help to our clients who want to develop the Chinese market.

One-stop Solutions

Our One-stop Solution is a premier choice for the companies planning to develop business in China. As a state-owned enterprise, Arcplus has unrivalled advantage in helping our clients gain government permitting, as well as conducting local survey and research.

Decision-making Stage

Investment Research

  • Regional Environment Study Proposed Business Study
  • Regional Environment Study
  • Proposed Business Study
  • Potential Consumer Demand Characteristics Study
  • Geological Environment Study (Site Selection Study)
  • SWOT Analysis for Project Development
  • Project Positioning Analysis
  • Project Design Suggestions
  • Marketing Strategy Suggestions
  • Sales Strategy Suggestions
  • Investment/Business Attraction Strategy Suggestions
  • Project Economical Analysis
    Conclusions and Key Control Points

Feasibility Study

  • Project Objectives Analysis
  • Market Forecast
  • Resource Evaluation (necessary for Industrial Project)
  • Development Scale and Scheme
  • Site Selection
  • Technical Proposal, Equipment Proposal and Engineering Proposal
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Safety, Health and Fire Protection Analysis
  • Organization and Human Resources Forecast
  • Project Implementation Schedule
  • Investment Estimation
  • Financing Plan
  • Financial Evaluation
  • National Economic Evaluation (necessary for Large Public Welfare Project)
  • Social Evaluation
  • Risk Analysis
  • Research Conclusion and Advice

Project Proposal

  • Market Analysis and Forecast
  • Preliminary Planning of Project Development Proposal
  • Preliminary Estimation of Investment for Project Development and Working Capital required for Operation
  • Preliminary Establishment of Amounts and Sources of Project Capital and Debt
  • Preliminary Estimation of Sales Income and Cost for Project Development, Estimation of FIRR and Capital IRR, and Preliminary Calculation of Debt Repayment
  • Preliminary Estimation of Project National Economic Benefit and Cost (Large Public Welfare Project) and EIRR
  • Preliminary Social Evaluation with main focus on qualitative description for Project Development
  • Preliminary Analysis and Identification of Risk Factors and Their Effects

Project Establishment Application

  • Project Application Report
  • Permitting for Approval

Preliminary Design Stage

Pre-stage Consulting and Project Planning

  • Planning/Architectural and Engineering Design Consulting

Design Proposal Preparation

  • Project Overview
  • Design Objective
  • Technical and Economic Indexes
  • Design Requirements for Various Design Disciplines
  • Design Deliverables Requirements

Architecture Scheme Selection and Optimization

  • Planning Consulting and Design
  • Municipal Consulting and Design
  • Architectural Scheme Design

Design Tendering Agency

  • Design Tendering Consulting and Planning
  • Assisting Client in Pre-Qualification Review
  • Design Tender Document Preparation
  • Assisting Client in Organizing Bidders for Site Visit and Clarification
  • Organization of Bid Opening, Review and Award for Design Tendering
  • Assistance to Client for Design Contract Drafting

Geological Survey Tendering Agency

  • Survey Tendering Consulting and Planning
  • Assisting Client in Pre-Qualification Review
  • Survey Tender Document Preparation
  • Assisting Client in Organizing Bidders for Site Investigation and Clarification
  • Organization of Bid Opening, Review and Award for Survey Tendering
  • Assistance to Client for Survey Contract Drafting

Design Stage

Architecture & Engineering Design

  • Design/Engineering for New Project
  • Urban Planning
  • Architectural and Engineering Design
  • Municipal & Public Works Design
  • Historic/Cultural Heritage Building Preservation Survey and Design
  • Architectural Decoration Specialty Design
  • Intelligent Building (System Engineering Design)
  • Landscape Architectural Design
  • Municipal Facilities Engineering Design
  • Pressure Pipeline Design
  • Flood Lighting Design
  • Green and Energy Saving Design
  • Foundation Pit Enclosure Design
  • Curtain Wall Consulting
  • Nature Light Analysis
  • Structural Optimization Consulting
  • Specialty Consulting for Large-span Structure
  • Specialty Consulting for Building Structure Wind Engineering Simulation
  • Soil Treatment Design
  • Acoustics Design
  • Environmental Pollution Prevention Design

Engineering Investigation & Survey

  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Geotechnical Design
  • Engineering Inspection, Monitoring and Survey
  • Landscape Design
  • Interior Design
  • Indoor Display Design
  • FF&E Design
  • Furniture Design Consulting
  • Signage Design

Design Management on behalf of  the Client

  • Design/Engineering Demand Identification
  • Organization of Collection and Evaluation of
  • Architectural Scheme Proposal
  • Organization of Schematic Design
  • Review and Optimization
  • Coordination between related parties
  • Design Permitting for Government’s Review and Approval
  • Invitation for Tender & Procurement
  • Design Change Management
  • Daily Management and Coordination

Construction Stage

Construction Tendering Agency

  • endering Agency for Construction General Contracting
  • Tendering Agency for Professional Sub-contracting
  • Tendering Agency for Construction Supervision
  • Technical Tender Document Preparation
  • Tender Invitation and Bidding Management for Engineering Survey, Design, Construction, Supervision, related Materials and Equipment Procurement, Tender Method and Tender Work Plan Preparation, Tender Document Preparation, Contract Drafting, Tendering Agency Formalities

Procurement Agency

  • Procurement Agency for Materials and Equipment
  • Preparation of Detailed BOQ and Analysis of Materials Used

Tendering Management

  • Bid Technical Analysis
  • Contract Management
  • Bid Analysis and Evaluation, Recommendation for Tender Decision, Negotiation with Related Parties on Bid and Technical and Economic Issues, and Assistance or Act as an Agent for Signing of Contract

Design Services

  • Technical Document Preparation for Invitation for Construction Tender
  • Instant Design Optimization Assistance
  • Equipment Commissioning Guidance

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Foundation Pit Monitoring
  • Foundation Construction

General Contracting

  • Shop-Drawing Design
  • Permitting for Review and Approval by Government Authorities and Municipal Utilities throughout the Construction
  • Material and Equipment Procurement or Procurement Consulting
  • Refined Construction and Professional Construction Management Service
  • Organization of and Coordination with Completion Acceptance or Commissioning
  • Coordination with Client for Testing after Completion
  • Equipment Operation and Maintenance Training
  • Superior Warranty Service

Specialty Project Contracting

  • Architectural Decoration Project
  • Urban and Road Lighting Project
  • Building Intelligent Project
  • Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Installation Project
  • Steel Structure Project
  • Soil Treatment & Foundation Project
  • Landscape Project Contracting
  • Signage Production and Installation Project Contracting
  • FF&E Procurement and Installation Project Contracting

Operation Stage

Facility Management and Maintenance Consulting

  • Equipment Operation Manual Preparation
  • Property Management Training