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Uzbekistan Bank Headquarters

Uzbekistan is an important country along the “Belt and Road” initiative. The capital Tashkent has been an important hub on the silk road since ancient times and is currently the largest city as well as an important economic, cultural, and transportation center in Central Asia.

The buildings of these three bank headquarters, which are originally designed by Arcplus, strive to concisely express the classical temperament of traditional buildings through simple vertical lines and rigorous elevation composition. With modern design strategy, Tashkent would continue the culture of Islam and establish a monument which highlights the glory of the past and the modern capital.

PSB Bank is located at the south side of the plot. It is 159 meters high and consists of 33 floors. The design idea is derived from minaret which represents the traditional Islamic architecture. The four corners of the building are recessed by three-quarters of a circle and gradually expand from a 0.7- meter radius at the base to a 2.5- meter radius at the top, thus forming a modern "negative space" of the minaret.

ALOQA Bank is located at the north side of the plot. It is 140 meters high with 26 floors. The design idea draws from Uzbekistan’s famous astronomer Mirzo Ulug`bek’s understanding of the starry sky and light. At the bottom of the lobby, the external shading system contrasts with the ceiling that describes the starry night. The light emits soft light from the top of the lobby and the outer exterior of core wall, as if the nebula is spinning and flowing in this artificial universe.

ASAKA Bank is located at the west side of the plot. It is 136 meters high and contains 26 floors. The design concept is taken from diamonds which represent the solidity and the eternality of the bank. This concept also complements the northwest slope of the site and fits the bank's logo. The plan adopts a centrally symmetrical non-rectangular hexagonal plane to form a crystal prism on the building form.