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Zambia International Conference Center

The project site is located in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia.

It will be constructed to host the 2022 African Union Summit to be held in Zambia. It includes a 2500-seat conference hall, a 1000-seat multifunctional hall, and several group conference halls. Echoing the eagle flying high on the Zambian flag, the conference center is shaped like an eagle's effortlessness and candor when it hits the sky. The feathers of the wings are turned into vertical metal rods, covering the main façade, with light details. There is also a sense of overall sequence. The architectural detail design is in harmony with the local humanistic environment. The circular ceiling of the main conference hall is like a blooming petal, inspired by the bougainvillea, the national flower of Zambia. Each ridge is combined with the design of the light strip to form a lighting texture, which is beautiful and poetic as a whole. The new International Conference Center, with the form of the center extending to both sides, implies that the Zambian people welcome visitors from all directions with open arms, and symbolizes the good wishes of prosperity and collaboration.