Renovation of Columbia Country Club

  • Location:

    Shanghai, China

  • Design:


  • Construction:

    2018.05 (Phase One)

  • Floor Area:


The Columbia Country Club in Shanghai, is a social and holiday gathering place for modern American expatriates in western Shanghai. In 2016, with the relocation of the Shanghai Institute of Biological Products, the entire park was transformed from a closed office and scientific research park to commercial and cultural area open to the public through urban renewal. The former Columbia Association is the most important part of the park with iconic buildings and cultural symbols.

Through the analysis of the history and the current situation, the conservation project judged the time of restoration as the period when it functioned as a club in the 1930s. In terms of intervention measures, on the one hand, it follows the requirements of the protection regulations and restores decorations and practices with distinctive styles and historical characteristics to better present the monumental value of historical buildings; on the other hand, for the non-existent and obsolescence of content without research basis, team tries to make the appearance identifiable and readable as much as possible.