Ecological Restoration Project of the Erhai lakeside buffer zone

  • Location:

    Dali, Yunnan Province, China

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The ecological restoration project of the Erhai lakeside buffer zone focuses on ecological protection, taking into account the functions of health care, characteristic cultural implantation, tourist destination creation, and smart management and control, so as to realize the concept of ecological “plus” and strive to build a world-class ecological corridor. The project, through the construction of functional wetlands, forms an ecological barrier in Erhai and land boundary zone, which has a huge demonstration and guiding significance for the waterfront space of lakes in our country. 

In order to better manage the condition of Erhai, Dali has delimited the “three lines” for the ecological and environmental protection of Erhai, namely the blue line, the green line and the red line, which represents the lakeside zone, the buffer zone and the storage zone respectively. Among them, the buffer zone is mainly used to purify the overflow water body of the storage belt, and at the same time absorbing the internal pollution of Erhai. It is the most important safety barrier of the Erhai. It mainly contains five functions, including isolation protection, buffer purification, ecological protection, slope protection and economic aesthetics.

In the ecological restoration and wetland construction project of Erhai, a total of 10 ditch wetlands need to be constructed. Among them, there are 8 in the west and 2 in the north. It focuses on the purification of the water bodies of the ditch into the lake. According to the upstream pollution situation and purification goals, the corresponding ecological purification technology is adopted to intercept and purify the upstream polluted water. The ecological purification zone mainly purifies other non-point source pollution besides the key ditches. It belongs to the “dry-wet” alternate surface flow wetland. The total area of the designed purification zone accounts for 15% of the total area of the suburban section between the red line and the blue line of Erhai. The natural purification method of arbor, shrub and grass is adopted to intercept and purify the upstream water body.